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generic remarks, specific remarks, or personalised remarks. These are all reasonably priced and readily available. Generic comments, targeted comments, and bespoke comments are the three basic categories of comments. Generic remarks are those that can be used to a range of contexts and are not context-specific. For instance, general statements like “Great job!” or “Thanks for sharing!” can be used in a variety of contexts. Targeted remarks, on the other hand, are those that are unique to a certain event or place. They are intended to offer advice or criticism that is specific to the requirements of the recipient. For instance, Comments like, “Your presentation was very clear and well-organized, but you could have provided more examples to illustrate your points” are focused and offer specific feedback on a presentation. Custom comments are those that have been written especially for a given circumstance or addressee. They are highly customised and take into account the recipient’s unique wants and preferences. For instance, a personalised comment may be made for a student who is having trouble understanding a certain idea in class, offering detailed advice and resources to help them get over their obstacles.

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