How to Make a Room Look Bigger With Wallpaper

Some wallpapers can make a room look bigger or smaller, depending on the style and color. Light colors and simple patterns tend to make a space appear larger.

Light colors are a great choice to make rooms look bigger because they bounce more light around the room. Try a white or light gray wallpaper to open up small spaces.

Metallic Wallpaper

Especially in the case of textured wallpapers, metallic elements create shimmering depth that draws the eye upwards. This makes the room appear taller and adds a touch of luxury to your interior design.

The monochrome hues of gold, silver, copper, bronze and steel are among the classics of metallic wallpaper. Ornaments inspired by baroque, art nouveau and art deco as well as Moorish patterns are often incorporated into the designs. In addition, geometric shapes and floral elements provide a wide range of possibilities.

The special surface treatment of metallic wallpapers enables fascinating effects, for example, by etching, embossing, oxidation or dyeing. This results in structures that are fine to coarse, reminiscent of relief-like high-low textures. The metal foil also has a thermal insulation effect, reflecting heat radiation from artificial and natural light in a similar way to mirrors, thus helping to reduce energy costs. The wallpapers are low-flammability and self-extinguishing, which means they are also suitable for use in public spaces.

Chevron Wallpaper

Chevron wallpaper is an eye-catching way to make a room look bigger. Its zig-zag pattern is a popular design that can work with a variety of styles. It’s best to stick with a simple design, however, as crowded designs can overwhelm a space. Choose a light color for the pattern, too.

Light colors make a space look bigger because they reflect light and expand the eye outward. You can also try striped wallpaper in your space to enlarge it, as stripes will stretch the walls outward and upward. For more info I’ll suggest you visit the website wallpaper singapore.

Another great option for a small space is a mural. These are making a comeback, and they can add depth to a space while drawing the eye outward. For example, a forest mural can make your space appear larger by using perspective to draw the eye upward. Aside from the color, you should also consider how much texture a mural will have. Thin stripes can be effective, but large floral patterns may not be a good choice for small rooms.


When it comes to using wallpaper to make a room bigger, it is important to consider the color and pattern. Light colors and simple patterns can help open up a room, while darker shades can close it up.

Another important factor is the use of lines in the wallpaper design. Lines create a natural path for the eye to follow, making walls look longer or taller. A striped wallpaper is another option for creating a directional element to the space. Try a wide striped wallpaper to visually expand the space, or choose vertical stripes to make your walls appear taller.

Cluttering the room with too many decor items can also make a space feel smaller. Try to keep items minimal and on display, and if you have lots of decor, try placing them in groupings rather than spreading them out across the room. Adding more lighting in the space can also help. A recessed ceiling light, wall sconces, and table lamps all work well to increase the amount of light in the room, which can make it feel larger.

Large Patterns

While mixing patterns is fine if you have the skill set and an impeccable eye, it can overwhelm a small room. It’s best to stick with one wallpaper if you want your room to look larger, and use a neutral color on the rest of the walls.

As for pattern size, larger patterns work well in smaller spaces as they add visual depth and create a sense of space. However, you should always be sure to coordinate your pattern scale with the room’s overall size.

For example, striped wallpaper makes the walls seem longer and wider while vertical stripes make them appear taller, according to HK Interiors. Likewise, a floral or botanical pattern can make your space feel bigger by creating the illusion of more height.

Another way to visually expand a room is by using a photographic wallpaper that incorporates a perspective. For instance, a landscape mural like Misty Forest can instantly make your room feel larger because it creates an open space that’s hard to ignore.